Why Should I Become A Makeup Artist?

Are you interested in a career in makeup, but find that you're "on the fence"? Or maybe you're excited to get started in the makeup industry, but you're feeling a little bit nervous and you need a little push.

Whatever your reasons, if you're asking, "Why should I become a makeup artist?" we've got the reassurance you need. We've put together a list of some of the most wonderful aspects of life as a makeup artist. Enjoy!

You'll Get To Do Something You LOVE

This is the first one, and it could be the most important one.

Ever hear people talk about how hard work is?

Why Should I Become a Makeup Artist

When you don't like what you do---and millions and millions of Americans don't like what they do, day in and day out---your everyday life can be a grind. Getting out of bed is a chore, and every day is spent doing something that bores you, or is unimportant, or bland.

But when you do what you love, every day is an opportunity for happiness. For invigoration. For satisfaction.

Can you imagine doing what you love, and doing it every day?

THAT is a good life.

You Will Meet Fascinating People (And Sometimes Celebrities!)

The people you will meet if you embark on a makeup career will vary depending on where you go. If you go into stage makeup, you will meet actors and theatre lovers; if you go into special effects makeup, you'll meet fantasy enthusiasts and cosplay fanatics; if you go into bridal makeup, you'll meet happy-and-nervous brides and gushing bridesmaids. And if you go into TV and film, you might even meet some celebrities.

These are usually people who are passionate about life or in very exciting situations. It's been said that it's not what work you do, it's who you work with, and if you've ever had a job where you hate your coworkers, you know how true that is.

The people who need makeup artists are usually other artists, who are creating inspiring works, imagining new and exciting things, and seeking out beauty in their own lives. Not a bad crowd to be a part of!

A quick note---if you ONLY want to meet celebrities, and you're not actually that crazy about makeup, you should probably think about another career! Being a makeup artist is tough work, and your heart really needs to be in it!

You Will Constantly Be Learning New Things

Many people get bored with their work---they learn the ins and outs, the tricks of the trade, and then that's that. Every day is kind of like the last one.

You want to become a makeup artist? That won't be the case.

You will constantly be faced by challenges that will improve your skills. New faces, new situations, new artists, new products---you will constantly be evolving.

Will you gain skills? Learn a ton of shortcuts? Be able to figure things out quicker? Totally.

But you will always have moments where the job feels new, and fresh, and exciting---kind of like those first few times you tried on blush, or made a friend's face shine, or found your first perfect lip gloss.

You Will Experience Newness

Ever notice how people fall into a rut in their lives? They do the same things day after day---they talk to the same people, go to the same places, eat the same foods, and have the same conversations, again and again and again.

Being a makeup artist allows you to break out of that mold---to have new jobs, go to new places, and interact with people you've never met before.

You will, of course, have colleagues you see again and again, and jobs that recur (and reliable work is a GOOD thing for an artist!), but you will have the opportunity---should you choose to accept it---to keep your life exciting and new, and to experience all the insights and excitement and that-fun-kind-of-nervousness that new experiences bring.

You Will See The World---Or At Least, New Parts Of It!

One of the best parts of working in makeup is expanding your horizons through travel. That may be on a local level---you may become a successful wedding makeup artist, and develop an intimate knowledge of community---or you may become a makeup artist for TV, and travel to filming locations all over the country---and maybe even the world.

Makeup Artist in Paris

And while you will be working---and working hard---seeing the world has its benefits!

You'll Learn How To Run Your Own Business

Most makeup artists run their own business. There are some who get picked up by agencies or sign contracts with groups or organizations, but most makeup artists find their own work, keep their own schedules, and navigate their own professional lives. Over time, they become business professionals and learn how to negotiate, make deals, and organize a professional services company.

It's not a reason why many people enter the world of professional makeup (and it probably sounds intimidating if you're just starting out!), but the professional skills you develop are an incredible side benefit.

Not To Be Overlooked---You'll Be An Artist!

Ever notice that we're kind of fascinated by people who commit themselves to an artistic endeavor? There is something magical, almost mystical, about those who choose to follow their passionate and make their lives about creativity and originality.

Our culture is fascinated by artists---and as a makeup artist, you'll be one of them!

A Whole Bunch Of Other Reasons We're Not Listing

Everyone's experience as an artist is unique. If you enter the field, you'll find that there are things that are meaningful to you, that might not be meaningful to others.

The important thing is, to follow your passion. Find what you love, and make it a major part of your life. If that's makeup, then GREAT. We have a ton of posts that will help you live your dreams.

If it's not makeup, that's great, too. Find what it is---and make it central to your life.


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