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Our Babe Lash Serum Review

In this post, we’ll be sharing our Babe Lash Serum review.

Why? Well, here’s why:

We’ve all got that one friend who has long, gorgeous lashes. They’re beautiful, they’re thick, and they look and flutter like baby butterfly legs. And when you ask this friend, “Soooo, what’s the secret to those long, gorgeous lashes?” they usually say, “Oh, I don’t know… I was just born with them, I guess!”

And that’s wonderful. We’re all happy for you and your big long gorgeous eyelashes. But what do the rest of us, those of us who were born with underwhelming lashes—what do we do if we want more thickness and volume?

There are some options. We can get extensions, and those can be a fantastic choice, and a very popular one. Or we can use volumizing mascaras, and those can be great, too.

Or, you can roll the dice on serums, and see if those work for you.

Not everyone is comfortable with serums, though, and there seem to be a couple of issues that pop up again and again and again. Those two issues are: 1) Do they work? and 2) What are the side effects?

So in this post, we’ll talk about a very popular lash serum, Babe Lash, and let you know our thoughts.

Our Babe Lash Review: Summary

We go into more detail below, but if you’re in a rush, here’s our opinion:

The active ingredient in most lash serums, and present in Babe Lash—prostaglandin—has been proven in clinical trials to produce thicker, longer eye lashes. The strange thing is, while it seems to work wonders on many people, on some others, the results may be underwhelming (or it may not work at all). So we can’t say that Babe Lash is a sure thing, but we do know a lot of people who have used it and been very happy. Like most cosmetics, it’s not a 100% absolute certainty, but it is a product we do like a great deal, and have seen a lot of success with.

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What is Babe Lash, Who Makes It, and What's It Supposed to Do?

This seems like a good place to start our Babe Lash Serum review.

Babe Lash is a serum designed to enhance eyelash growth. It’s not a cosmetic—it’s not designed for during-the-day use—it’s a liquid made from chemical compounds to promote thicker, fuller lashes.

It’s distributed by Elixir Cosmetics, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and that company offers a wide range of products dedicated just to lashes, from their flagship product—the lash-growth serum—to a number of related products, like their Nourishing Mascara, a Lush and Luster Kit, Liquid Eyeliner, and an Enhancing Conditioner. They got some press for their mascara and conditioner, but their serum is by far their most popular product. 

It's noteworthy that Babe Lash is a high-end beauty cosmetic brand dedicated solely to eyelashes. That, in our opinion, is a wonderful thing—too many high-end/small-boutique companies over-extended themselves and make dozens of different types of “OK” makeup, instead of focusing on one type of makeup and making it really well.

We mentioned that they’re a more “boutique” name, and that’s the truth; they don’t have the notoriety of some of the bigger-name companies, and while they’ve got a pretty small following (their Facebook page only has a couple thousand followers, and their Twitter page has even fewer, but their Instagram page has almost 20,000 followers), it seems like the people who do use them really like them. And we can attest to that—we have a few friends who use Babe Lash, and will not stop talking about it.

So while they may not be the biggest name in the world, they apparently have some really happy customers.

Let's Get to the Real Question: Does Babe Lash Serum Work?

When it comes to products that alter your body, people always have a lot of doubts. We don’t doubt products that alter our appearance—and that’s what all makeups do—because those are cosmetic, on-the-surface changes. Makeup covers us; it doesn’t really alter our bodies in any way, and we tend to be very skeptical of products that promise to change how our bodies do something. 

And, honestly—for good reason! There are a lot of companies that make BIG promises about thicker lashes, fuller hair, clearer skin, etc etc etc—and then don’t deliver. And the worst part is, some of those products that make big promises have some pretty scary side effects.

So how does Babe Lash perform?




We’re going to give you that answer that we hate, hate, hate to give, but we have to be honest:

It depends.

For a lot of people, Babe Lash seems to work great. Longer, thicker lashes, as promised, and in only a few weeks. Glowing reviews, happy customers. We know of a few people who are absolutely thrilled with Babe Lash (and other lash serums), and they've made it part of their regimen.

For others…

It just doesn’t. We also know of a couple people who really, truly wanted Babe Lash to work, but it just didn't. They used it, were disappointed, and vowed never to use it again.

So, we truly, deeply, honest-to-goodness wish we could say, “This will always work!” but we just can’t. We know people who love Babe Lash, and we know others who were disappointed.

That said…

All that is anecdotal evidence, and we should, whenever possible, consult our team of scientists.

Just kidding! We don't have a team of scientists. We did, however, consult the website for the National Institutes of Health, and we found that the NIH said the following:

"In a double-blinded, randomized, vehicle-controlled trial, bimatoprost safely and effectively grew natural eyelashes, making them longer, thicker, and darker."

According to the study, bimatoprost is a prostaglandin analog, and prostaglandin is one of the active ingredients in Babe Lash (and other eyelash serums).

So, the science IS there, and there are studies that show that over-the-counter eyelash serums are literally proven to work, but...

We still know a few people who have tried Babe Lash and seen no results (and those people may have some luck with a ​translucent mascara that can provide some thickness). There do seem to be a lot of happy customers, and there are plenty of images on beauty blogs and makeup videos where the blogger/vlogger shows definite eyelash growth. Some of those bloggers/vloggers might be dishonest, but others seem to be honest.

So, that’s as honest as we can be—and probably as honest as anyone can be. For a lot of people, it works, and the science proves that the active ingredient in Babe Lash can grow thicker, fuller lashes, but it doesn’t seem to work for absolutely everybody.

That’s disappointing, but that’s kind of how makeup is, really. Your mileage may vary.

Are There Side Effects?

While it seems that a great many people do not suffer any side effects, the following side effects have been known to occur with Babe Lash and/or other eyelash serums:

  • Darkening of the iris. The iris is the part of your eye that surrounds your pupil, and when we say someone has green/blue/brown/hazel eyes, we’re talking about the iris. Some eyelash serums have been known to darken the iris, so if you’ve got light-colored eyes and you want to be certain they stay that way, you may want to proceed with caution;
  • Darkening of the eyelids. The skin of your eyelashes can darken upon use of Babe Lash and other serums. It doesn’t happen to anyone, but it’s definitely something to consider; and finally
  • Skin irritation. This is true of all cosmetics—and the Babe Lash website is quick to point that out—but it seems that one of the most common complaints about Babe Lash is that it can irritate the eye and the skin around the eye. If you’ve got sensitive skin or sensitive eyes, we’d urge you to be cautious.

So, how threatening are these side effects? How often do they occur?

According to the Babe Lash website, side effects can occur, but they’re extremely rare, and other sites—including and the Cleveland Clinic website—have talk about how eyelash serums are safe (although they didn’t mention Babe Lash specifically).

Just like we did in our last section, we need to share that we do know people who have had side effects (mostly irritation)… and we also know people who have not suffered any side effects. Everyone is unique and while it seems like many people are OK, some people do experience darkening of the iris and/or lashes, and skin irritation.

So… How Do I Use It? And Other Assorted Questions

In this section of our Babe Lash review, we’ll go over some of the frequently asked questions we get regarding the product, starting with:

How Do I Use It?

It requires daily application, and it’s easiest to use at night. Wash your face, make sure you’ve removed all cosmetics, and dab juuuuust a little bit of the serum above your upper lash line—right where your eyelid meets your eyelash. You do not want to overdo it, and Babe Lash recommends only using a single swipe with the serum over each lash line.

How Long Does It Take to Work?

That depends on… well, on you. Every seems to experience different results, but it’s supposed to start working in four to six weeks—about a month to a month-and-a-half. Some people see results happen more quickly, and notice thicker lashes at around the month mark. The company states that most people see results within three months.

Is It Dermatologist Tested?

According to the company, yes—it’s tested by dermatologists, and the chemicals included in the product are safe for cosmetics.

Again, it’s not a sure thing—we know of people who have experienced irritation and/or darkening of the eyelashes or irises—but the company has tested it and apparently gotten the OK from dermatologists.

How Long Does the Actual Product Last?

Great question! We mentioned earlier that it’s reported to take four to six weeks to see thicker, longer lashes, and that by three months you should know if it’s going to work or not. Babe Lash manufacturers their serum in a number of different sizes, and the 2mL size is said to last about three months, and the 4mL size is said to last about six months.

If It Works for Me, Do I Need to Keep Using It?

Yes—and that’s worth noting. The serum doesn’t create life-long affects; once you stop using it, your lashes should return to their normal shape and size and thickness. If you maintain the effects of the serum, you’ll need to keep using it. Babe Lash suggests that you can decrease the frequency you need to use it, and instead of using it every day, use it two or three times a week (or thereabouts).

Personally—and this is just us—if we use something like a serum, we tend to use it for a while, and then take a little time off. For some people, it can make sense to use a product like this, and then take a couple of months off and just use extensions.

Do I Need to Use Anything Else in Tandem with Babe Lash?

Another great question. It looks as though plenty of people use Babe Lash on its own, but Babe Lash does make a companion product to the serum: Eyelash Conditioner. The serum is designed to grow your lashes fuller and longer; the conditioner is supposed to hydrate them and give them luster.

Does Babe Lash Make Any Other Products?

They make a number of different products, but they’re all related to eyelashes, and the best known (other than the serum and the conditioner) is probably the Volumizing Mascara, which we also like.

I’ve Got Contacts. Are These OK for Me?

According to the Babe Lash website, yes, that’s fine, but you should be careful with the serum touching the contacts, and you want to make sure the serum doesn’t touch the contact lenses.

Our Babe Lash Wrap-Up

So there you have it! We’re big fans of Babe Lash, and we know of people who have had great experiences with it, but there are some factors you need to keep in mind. We hope our research has helped you, and we wish you all the best!

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