Makeup Artist Schools in Your State

Finding a makeup school can be tough. To help you locate a training center near you, we've put together a database of all of the makeup schools in the United States. If you know of a makeup school or a cosmetology school that's NOT on our list, please email us! We'll add it to our list ASAP.

To find out information about schools and makeup careers in your state, scroll down to the map below and click on the state you'd like to learn about. We've got an in-depth discussion about the makeup schools in each state, the different ways you can turn makeup into a career, and tips on how you can develop your skills.

After you've learned about the opportunities in your state, feel free to visit our other pages! We've got instructions on how to build a portfolio, pointers on how to build a clientele, and guidance on how to build a makeup business. PLUS, we've got interview with people who work in the industry---makeup artists, photographers, and models, and so on.

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