Makeup Artist Schools in Vermont

If you live in Vermont and you want to learn more about makeup, where do you go?

That depends on why you want to learn. If you want to become a full-time makeup artist, there is a particular kind of school you're looking for, and if you simply want to make yourself look even more incredible than you already look, there are short-term makeup classes for that, too.

On this page, we'll list the two types of schools that are good for everyone, and then we'll discuss professional makeup schools for people who want a career in makeup.

Makeup Artist Schools in Vermont

Makeup Workshops. This is the BEST option for people who are looking to simply pick up a few new techniques or dabble around a bit. Makeup artists will often rent some space out in a hotel, conference center, or local beauty salon, and hold short-term, low-cost classes. The courses offered may be introductory (like "Basics of Makeup 101" or something like that) or advanced (like, "How to Start Your Own Makeup Salon"). These are a fantastic way to build your makeup knowledge, and meet community members who are also interested in makeup.

Classes with Local Makeup Artists. Why sit around waiting for a workshop to come to town, when you can arrange lessons just for you? There are makeup artists popping up in every state--why not call the one nearest you, and set up some one-to-one lessons? You'll get to learn exactly what you want to learn, make a professional connection in the local beauty community, and have a little fun. And, if you know some neighbors or friends who also love makeup, bring them along! It'll be a group activity.

Now for the two options reserved for people who want to become working makeup artists:

Full-Time Makeup Schools. These are full-time programs not unlike a cosmetology school (which we'll discuss in a second), that teach the ins-and-outs of makeup. Not only do these schools teach dozens of different application styles, they also teach professional skills like building a full makeup kit and putting together a professional-looking makeup portfolio. Schools can be pricey (it's not odd for a full-time program to cost more than $12,000) and not every city has a school, so you may have to relocate if you're serious about taking classes.

Cosmetology Colleges and Schools. These are a fantastic option to makeup schools--even if they don't focus as much on makeup. Whereas a makeup school will dive head-first into makeup and stay there, cosmetology schools teach all the basics of a beauty education: hair care, skin care, nail care, and makeup. Programs are a little bit less-expensive than makeup programs, and cost anywhere from a couple thousand dollars to $10,000 or so. The best part about cosmetology schools (and esthetician schools) is that you'll be eligible to apply for a beauty license when you graduate.

Vermont Makeup Artist Permits​

This section is for men and women who want to become makeup artists. If you *do* decide to enter the profession, will you need a license to practice?

We consulted the website of the Vermont Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists, and we could not any language that discusses makeup artists who provide makeup services on a freelance basis. There are many makeup artists in Vermont who do freelance work--that is, they don't own a salon, but instead go directly to weddings, photo shoots, movie sets, and so on--who do not have any kind of license.

However--and the laws are very clear about this--if you want to work in any kind of Vermont beauty salon or Vermont spa, you WILL need to go to cosmetology school and get a cosmetology license, or go to an esthetics schools and get an esthetics license. That can be one of the benefits of attending a cosmetology school--you can get a license after you graduate.

Vermont Cosmetology Programs​

Sadly, there are currently no makeup schools in Vermont. However, there are some truly wonderful cosmetology schools, and many makeup artists have gotten their start as cosmetologists. Take a look at the list of schools below, and see if there are a few that pique your interest.​

Barre Technical Center
155 Ayers Street
Barre, VT 05641
(802) 476-6237

Southwest Vermont Career Development Center
321 Park Street
Bennington, VT 05201
(802) 447-0220

River Bend Career & Technical Center
36 Oxbow Drive
Bradford, VT 05033
(802) 222-5212

Center For Technology — Essex
3 Educational Drive
Essex Junction, VT 05452
(802) 879-5558
(802) 879-5559

North Country Career Center
209 Veterans Ave
Newport VT 05855
(802) 334-5469

Northwest Technical Center
71 South Main Street
St. Albans, VT 05478
(802) 527-6517

The Hartford Area Career and Technology Center
1 Gifford Road
White River Junction, VT 05001
(802) 295-8630

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