Makeup Artist Schools in Nevada

Have you ever wondered how makeup artists build the skills needed to become professionals?

In general, there are four ways that people learn about makeup and/or become professional makeup artists:

By attending a school dedicated to makeup artistry. If you're serious about a career as a makeup artist, going full-time to a makeup school can be a great start. There are a few makeup artist schools in Nevada, and we've listed them below.

These schools provide in-depth guidance on how to:​

  • use color theory to work with models and actors;
  • work with photographers during a shoot, and how to apply makeup so that it looks professional for flash photography;
  • create a portfolio--what to include, and how to include it;
  • build a functional makeup kit, with all the tools and products you'll need to visit any worksite; and
  • hundreds of different techniques and application styles.

There's a lot more you'll learn in a makeup school, but that's a good overview of what you'll learn and how you'll benefit from a makeup school.

The only negative aspects of a makeup-only school are 1) they're expensive--they can range anywhere from a couple thousand dollars, to $20,000 or more; and 2) when you graduate, you won't be able to apply for any kind of state license (and we'll talk about that in a second).

By attending a cosmetology school. This is another excellent option if you want to turn makeup into a full-time career. Cosmetology schools don't offer the specificity that makeup schools do; instead, they provide a wide-ranging beauty education. You'll learn: ​

  • how to style, color, and shape hair;
  • how to use cleansing methods to beautify the skin;
  • how to perform different varieties of manicures; and
  • how to apply makeup.

While makeup is included in the curriculum, it's not the main focus of classes. That can be a benefit, however, because being a makeup artist with a cosmetology degree can help you stand out among other makeup artists when you're looking for work. Other benefits of cosmetology school are 1) you can find very affordable schools no matter where you live, and 2) when you graduate, you'll be able to get a cosmetology license. We'll talk more about that in one of the sections below.

By going to short-term workshops. If you simply want to build your makeup skills, you should look into short-term workshops. They're frequently listed on Yelp, Event Brite, Meetup, Gig Salad, and other such sites. Courses last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days, and the makeup artists who host them may teach any different type of topic, from bridal makeup to avant garde makeup. They provide a low-commitment way to get learn about makeup, and they're usually low-cost (maybe a couple hundred dollars). You can check for workshops in Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno, Sparks, Carson City, and any other metropolitan area.

By hiring a private artist for personal lessons. This can be another effective way to learn about makeup. Instead of enrolling in a school or going to a workshop, go directly to a professional who has experience in the field! Local makeup artists are usually very keen on providing lessons, because it's a great way for them to earn some extra money. You can ask them to teach you whatever it is you're interested in. If you have other friends or colleagues who are also interested in makeup, include them and try to create a makeup class for the group.​

Makeup Artist Career Options​

If you'd like to make "Professional Makeup Artist" into your career title, what are some of the ways you can do that? We detailed career options on our homepage (so definitely check that out), but here's a quick rundown. You can become a:​

  • fashion makeup artist, and work with creative directors and photographers and models on photo shoots and live fashion events;
  • bridal makeup artist, and prepare brides for their big day (this can be a great way to earn a side income, if you don't want to do makeup full time);
  • theatre/live events makeup artist, and get musicians/performers/theatrical actors ready for the stage;
  • film/TV makeup artist, and get actors ready for the camera;
  • special effects makeup artist, and turn people into monsters, etc;
  • makeup counter worker, and sell makeup products to people in stores.

There's one other type of makeup artist job we should mention, and that's a "corporate makeup artist." As you'd imagine, makeup companies hire a *LOT* of people. They need to think up new products, and then they need to advertise, market, promote, and sell those products. If you love makeup but are looking for more of a steady income (makeup artistry can be a challenging career), consider getting into the corporate side of makeup. The money is great, the hours are more even, and there are plenty of ways to get promoted (and earn more $$$!).

Makeup Artist Schools in Nevada

Nevada State Licenses​

We touched on this earlier, but it's important, so we'll go into a little more detail. If you want to work in the field of makeup artistry, do you need a license?

According to the information we found on the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology website, the state does not issue makeup artist licenses. So, here are our assumptions on the types of licenses you'll need to work:​

  • If you do makeup as a freelance professional, and work with actors, models, performers, brides, and so on, and you provide makeup services OUTSIDE of a Nevada beauty salon or Nevada spa, you don't need any kind of license.
  • If you do makeup in a Nevada beauty salon or Nevada spa, you need a cosmetology license or an esthetician's license.

Please keep in mind that the state laws related to beauty careers change frequently, and you should contact that Nevada State Board of Cosmetology for any questions you have about a makeup artist career and/or licensing. They're the ones who enforce the state rules, so it's best to be on their good side!

Nevada Makeup Programs

There is one makeup artist school in Nevada, and three places that teach courses solely about makeup. They are:

Euphoria Institute
11041 Southeastern Ave.
Henderson, Nevada
(702) 932-8111

G Skin & Beauty Institute
1300 W. Warm Springs
Henderson, Nevada
(815) 786-7266

Euphoria Institute
9340 W. Sahara Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada
(702) 341-8111

L Makeup Institute
5525 South Decatur
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 685-9298

This is important, and many people forget it: you don’t technically need to go to a makeup school to get started as a makeup artist. Many people opt to go to a cosmetology school, and that can be a really good idea. Check out some of the cosmetology schools near you, and see if they fit your interests. Enrolling in a beauty school could be the start of an amazing career as a makeup artist!

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