Makeup Artist Schools in Delaware

Hello, Delaware! In the post below, we outline the different ways you can get an education in makeup. We talk about the different *types* of schools makeup lovers can attend, and discuss which are good fit for future makeup artists--and which are a good fit for men and women who aren't looking for a career in makeup, but simply want to pick up a few new artistry techniques.

First topic:

What Type of Makeup School Is Right for You?​

There aren't too many "makeup only" schools in the United States, and most of them are located in NYC and Los Angeles. However, you've got a few other options if you want to become an expert at makeup. You've got:

Cosmetology Schools. This is, usually, your best bet: not only will you learn about hairstyling, skin care, and manicuring, your training course will often have a section dedicated to makeup and makeup application. Plus, the best part aspect of a cosmetology education is that it provides fantastic job security: with a cosmetology degree, you'll be able to get a cosmetology license, and you'll hire-able in any beauty salon in Delaware.

Short-Term Makeup Workshops. These are popular options because they're 1) short-term classes, where you learn about a specific area of makeup, and 2) a low-cost option, with most workshops costing only a couple hundred dollars. You can check online for classes in Wilmington and Dover, but also widen your search a little bit to other cities in other states. It'll be fun, and you'll get to travel!

Full-Time Makeup Schools. There are only a few programs like this in the United States, and they're mostly in New York, Florida, California, and Texas--in other words, states with HUGE populations. If you're willing to relocate for a while, you'll learn everything you'll ever want to know about makeup! The programs usually last a few months (usually between four and eight months), and training can range from "somewhat reasonable" to "quite pricey" (there are some full-time programs that cost around $7,500, but others go as high as $25,000!).

Makeup Artist Schools in Delaware

MUA Career Paths

Is it possible to make a living as a makeup artist? It can be difficult, but yes. Here's how people who become makeup artists make it happen:

Cinema Makeup. What could be more exciting than doing make up for the movies? While most of this work in Hollywood, there are independent films made all over the county.

Fashion Makeup. Fashion magazines hire the most talented photographers to film models, and makeup artists get models ready for the shoot. Many MUAs in the world of fashion also do commercials, because those jobs help pay the bills. A lot of this work is located in New York, but again, there are other opportunities elsewhere.

Bridal Makeup. This is a great way to do makeup for a living, especially if it's your side hustle. Perhaps more than ever before, brides call on makeup artists to get them ready for their wedding ceremonies. Most of the work is over the weekends, which means you may be able to be a bridal MUA and have a job during the week.

Sales and Marketing. This is a GREAT way to do makeup and get paid for it. Makeup companies release--literally--thousands of new products every year, and they need people to develop those products, advertise them, and travel to local makeup stores and teach people how to use them. "Corporate makeup" is a great gig, with good salaries and good opportunities for career advancement.

For many people, the best way to make a career doing makeup is to either do bridal makeup part-time, or to work in a day spa, medical spa, or salon. It can be very difficult to earn a full-time salary as a makeup artist, and those two options are perhaps the most reliable ways to make money from your love of makeup.

Final Thoughts

If you're dead-set on becoming a makeup artist, we're rooting for you! It can be difficult to make it happen, but "where there's a will, there's a way!" We've written tons of posts on how to get your career started, so poke around the site and if you have any questions, hope over to our "Contact" page and send us a message.​

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