Makeup Artist Schools in Alaska

In Alaska, there are no schools that are dedicated solely to makeup instruction. So, if you'd like to learn about makeup, here are your options. You can:

  • Look at cosmetology or esthetician schools in Alaska. These schools often a well-rounded education, where you'll learn about makeup application, but also become skilled in haircutting and hairstyling, skin care and skin care routines, and nail technology. The best part about cosmetology schools and esthetician schools is that after you complete these courses, you'll be able to apply for a cosmetology license or esthetician license, and find work in a local spa or salon.
  • Travel! If you're truly interested in becoming a makeup artist, you can consider attending makeup schools in other states. There aren't any makeup schools in Alaska, but there a few in New York, California, and Florida, and they teach courses that last anywhere from a few weeks to half a year. The courses teach everything you'll ever need to know about makeup, and will allow you to build a professional career.
  • Contact local makeup artists and arrange for private lessons. Every state has people who work full- or part-time as wedding makeup artists, and they can be an incredible resource. They are experts at makeup, and they have experience working with people. Contact them and arrange for a visit.
Makeup Artist Schools in Alaska

There's another source we should mention, and that's the internet. You don't really need a makeup school to learn makeup--there are so many online how-to's and tutorials you can check out, it's kind of mind-boggling. You'll still need to actually practice your skills on actual people, but the internet is a great place to learn about new techniques. We've included many different posts about the best tutorials, so be sure to poke around our site until you find something you like.

Professional Makeup Careers​

If you do decide to become a professional makeup artist, what are your career options? Here are some of the ways that makeup artists support themselves:​

  • By doing weddings. There will ALWAYS be brides, and more and more brides are paying a little extra to have their makeup professionally done. This is a very population option, and many makeup-lovers have a part-time gig doing wedding makeup.
  • By working in a salon or spa. This is a great option for Alaskans, because there are plenty of beauty parlors and day spas to find employment.
  • By doing photo shoots with models or other persons of interest. This is a broad category, but any time someone is photographed for a magazine, major online publication, or business/political event, there is usually a makeup artist giving them a touch-up before the shoot.

Keep in mind, the population density in Alaska is pretty low (in fact, Alaska has the lowest population density of any state in the U.S.), and that can make it very, very difficult to eke out a living as an actual makeup artist. If you want to become a makeup artist--either part-time or full-time--your best bet would to give it a go in Anchorage, because about half the population of Alaska lives in in the metropolitan area of Anchorage. And, this is also important--if you want to become a makeup artist for TV or film, you'll probably have to move to New York of Los Angeles, because there isn't enough film production in Alaska to support a full-time makeup artist career.

Do MUAs Need To Be Licensed?​

At the time of this post, makeup artists in Alaska do not need to be licensed. Here's how it works:​

  • If you're doing permanent makeup (permanent makeup is the application of tattoos or colors that lasts for a few months or more), you'll need a license.
  • If you do any kind of makeup (either permanent makeup or non-permanent makeup such as lipstick, eye shadow, etc) in a spa or salon, you'll need to get a cosmetology license issued by the state (or an esthetician license issued by the state).
  • If you apply non-permanent makeup as a freelancer in a setting that is not in a salon or spa, you don't need a license. That would include non-permanent makeup you apply to brides, models, tv personalities, and so on.

Should I Look Into Cosmetology?

We urge everyone interested in a career as a makeup artist to also look into cosmetology. Cosmetologists make a great living, enjoy a type of job security that most makeup artists don't have, and get to delve into all aspects of beauty. It's a more stable career, and for many people, it's just as satisfying.

If you are absolutely determined to become a makeup artist, then absolutely--follow your dreams and make it happen! Understand, though, that may mean moving to a bigger city or even a different state. If, however, you're interested in all aspects of beauty, including hair, makeup, and nails, then cosmetology schools are the best bet.

No matter what you choose, we wish you all the best! ​

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