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You Can Do It

We get a lot—a lot a lot a lot—of messages about whether becoming a makeup artist is a good career choice. Here's basically what we say: if it's truly your dream to become a makeup artist, it's kind of the only choice, isn't it?

Do people make their living doing makeup? Yes, totally. Can you do it? That depends on how much you want it. Will it be difficult? Yep! It will. Does it get a lot easier with time and experience? Absolutely. If it doesn't work out, do you have other options in the beauty industry? Yes, you do.

We've written a lot about careers, so take a look around. If you still need some help, feel free to send us a message.

Guest Posts

We have gotten a LOT of requests from people who want to do guest posts. If you have a blog about makeup or beauty or even skin care, we would LOVE to have you on for a guest post (or two or three or four!).

There's one thing we want to mention: if you are some weird guy who just wants a link back to his website, keep moving. We're not interested. We're looking for quality guest posts from people who are PASSIONATE about makeup.

One Last Thing...

Thank you for stopping by! We'd like this to be a place for ALL people who love makeup and beauty to get together and learn from one another. If have a suggestion on how we could make the site better, we'd love to hear it! Chances are you have some pretty great ideas. Share them!

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