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Should I Become a Makeup Artist Or A Cosmetologist?

  If you’re passionate about fashion and style, chances are you’ve considered a career as a makeup artist and also a career as a cosmetologist. The two jobs have some similarities, but they require different training, and they present very different professional opportunities. So which is right for you? Click HERE to Find a Makeup […]

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How Much Does Makeup Artist School Cost?

  So you’re thinking about going to makeup artist school. That’s wonderful! It’s the best way to start a long and satisfying career as a cosmetic artist. But how much will it run you? How much does makeup artist school cost? Let’s take a look at the different kinds of classes you can take, the […]

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How to Find the Best Makeup School for You

 For many makeup artists, school provides the formal training that launches them into their careers. But choosing an institution can be difficult. What should you look for in a school? What do the best makeup schools offer their students? And how can you tell if a school is the real deal or a waste of […]

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What Will I Learn in Makeup Artist School?

  So you’re considering a career as a makeup artist. That’s wonderful! Makeup is a fast-paced and exciting field, and if you’ve got a passion for makeup, you’ll be a huge star. So if you’re considering a makeup education, you’re probably wondering: Should I even go to school? Is it worth it? And if I […]

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