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Tips and Tricks of the Trade, Part 1

To be a great makeup artist, you simply need to be great at makeup, right? Nope! Well, yes, you need to be great at makeup, but that’s not all. Like most beauty professions, you’ll face all sorts of weird situations and challenges that’ll keep you on your toes. From wearing a wristwatch to developing a group of […]

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How To Build A Professional Network

Welcome to your crash course in business networking! “Networking” is literally the last thing on a person’s mind when they’re thinking about a career as a MUA, but it’s super important, so let’s get to it. Table Of Contents What Is A Professional Network?Why Is Networking So Important?How To Build Your Professional NetworkGet Online Work […]

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Websites Where MUAs Need To Be Listed

TO BE a successful makeup artist, you’ll need a couple of things. You’ll need a portfolio, you’ll need your own website, and you’ll need a social media presence. You’ll also need a professional network that you’ve built up over time. Click HERE to Find a Makeup School But in addition to all these things, there’s […]

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Practical Career Advice For Future MUAs

 We’ve found that some of our most popular posts are the interviews. And that makes sense—it’s truly helpful to get advice and guidance from someone who’s been there. We’ve also found that in each interview, there are bits of advice that come up again and again, no matter who we were talking to. So we thought […]

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