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Makeup Artist Characteristics and Qualities

  Are you interested in a career as a makeup artist? Wonderful! It’s an exciting and creative way to make a living. Are you interested to learn what makes a good makeup artist? Also good! Asking that question is the first step to becoming a professional. Click HERE to Find a Makeup School What Makes […]

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Makeup Artist Work Schedules

  We have a couple of posts that detail exactly what it’s like to BE a makeup artist, and today we’ll look at makeup artist work schedules and makeup artist working conditions. If you decide to become a makeup artist, what will your work week be like? What hours do makeup artists work? Just as […]

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Where Do Makeup Artists Work?

  Hello, you beautiful and talented person! Are you thinking about a career as a makeup artist, and want to find out where MUAs work? As usual, you’ve got nothing to worry about, because we’ve got you covered. Here’s the answer to the question, “Where do makeup artists work.” Click HERE to Find a Makeup […]

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What is a Makeup Artist Career Actually Like?

There are so many people who are interested in a career as a makeup artist, but there aren’t that many websites that actually talk about what a makeup artist career is LIKE. What are the best parts of the job? What are the worst parts of it? What are the experiences that MUAs get to […]

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Why Should I Become A Makeup Artist?

Are you interested in a career in makeup, but find that you’re “on the fence”? Or maybe you’re excited to get started in the makeup industry, but you’re feeling a little bit nervous and you need a little push.  Whatever your reasons, if you’re asking, “Why should I become a makeup artist?” we’ve got the […]

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