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The Best Heated Eyelash Curler, For Lashes Thick to Thin

If you’re new to the world of heated eyelash curlers and you’re a little intimidated by them, we’ve got some good news for you: in the post below, we’ll go over our picks for the best heated eyelash curlers, from basic beginner models to high-end models for makeup artists, and we’ll discuss how to use them, what to look for, and some common mistakes people make when handling them. They may seem a little overwhelming at first, but when you know what to look for—and how to properly use them—they can be a great addition to your makeup routine. Ready? Let’s get to it:

Heated Eyelash Curler Reviews

We’ll go into more detail below, but here are our “quick picks” of the top heated eyelash curlers...

The BYTEN Electric Heated Eyelash Curler

The Cherioll Heated Eyelash Curler

The Panasonic Heated Curved Eyelash Curler with Double Action Non-Stick Silicone Pads

The Acavado Heated Eyelash Curler

The Hitachi EYE CRiE Heated Eyelash Curler

...and here are our in-depth reviews:

The BYTEN Electric Heated Eyelash Curler

Our favorite heated eyelash curler for beginners is the BYTEN Electric Heated Eyelash Curler. It’s a simple and elegant heated eyelash curler with a wand-style design, and it’s best to use after you’ve applied your mascara. We picked this one as a good option for beginners because it might be less scary for beginners to try——you don’t have to clamp it over your lashes (an action which really freaks some people out), but instead, you just hold it against your lashes and let the curler do its thing.

The curler itself has two heat settings: a low one that emanates 45 to 65 degrees Celsius (that’s 113 to 149 degrees, for us Fahrenheit fans) and a high one that emanates 65 to 85 degrees Celsius (149 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit). We love that feature, because it means you can set it on the lower setting for delicate lashes, and turn it up to the higher setting if you want to bring a little more intensity to thicker, coarser lashes. For added safety, the eyelash curler will turn off by itself if left on for more than 180 seconds—also a nice touch for beginners.

BYTEN manufactured this eyelash curler with a built-in, rechargeable battery, which may be our most favorite feature, because you can charge it by plugging it into your computer or an average USB charger. The curler set comes with a USB cord and a few other goodies, including a small cleaning brush and mascara.

The only drawback to this eyelash curler is that it may be a little more delicate than some of our other recommendations, so… go easy!

Recommended for: beginners with all kinds of eyelashes.

The Cherioll Heated Eyelash Curler

The Cherioll Heated Eyelash Curler gets our vote top heated eyelash curler in the “Anywhere You Go” category. It’s small, designed for simple operation, and heats quickly, but the real standout feature is its portability.

The Heated Eyelash Curler is both petite and AAA battery-operated, which means you can throw it in your bag and bring it wherever you go (and—you won’t have to keep track of cords and chargers to use it—just make sure the batteries have some juice in them).

As for capability, Cherioll designed it with two heat settings and just one power button that you click once for the lower setting or twice for the higher setting—and it’s designed to heat quickly (the heating pads can warm up in as few as ten seconds). It may not have a slew of features, but that one-button operation makes it very easy to use. It also includes a small lash comb, which is a nice touch—many models don’t include that sort of thing.

There is one final unique aspect we’d like to mention: the convex side of the Heated Eyelash Curler also has a purpose. It was designed with little silicone protrusions, so it can be used to give a gentle, warm massage to the eye area to stimulate blood flow—also a nice little feature.

Recommended for: people who want to curl their lashes (or do a touch-up) away from “home base” or sometime during the day.

The Panasonic Heated Curved Eyelash Curler with Double Action Non-Stick Silicone Pads

The Panasonic Heated Curved Eyelash Curler gets our vote as the best heated eyelash curler for those beginners who prefer the “squeezable” curler style. If you really love your old school eyelash curler but wish it had a bit more oomph, this is the one we would recommend. (By the way, if you’re not certain what a “squeezable” curler is, skip down to our info sections below—we define all these terms and offer some buying tips).

This heated eyelash curler is padded with soft silicone, which is a nice design—it’s constructed to reduce the chances of lashes getting caught or squeezed, and it can prevent the awkward bent-out shape that squeeze curlers can sometimes cause. That’s a very thoughtful feature, especially if you’ve ever experienced that odd, crooked eyelash configuration after a failed attempt at curling.

The one minor drawback for this heated eyelash curler is that there is a back element that is meant to add a bit more heat and improve the curve of the lash—we like this element’s effect, but it can make it a little bit more difficult to see what you’re doing as you use the curler.

It seems to us as, though—and we can’t speak for the good people at Panasonic—but it looks like this model was designed with safety in mind (and that’s why we think it, too, might be a good fit for beginners): the heating pads will only heat up while you press down on the squeeze mechanism, so they don’t have time to overheat, and it makes it impossible to accidentally leave it with the heat on. For beginners who are nervous about accidentally causing any accidents, this might be a relief to know.

All in all, we think this is another one of the models we like, specifically for those features.

Recommended for: makeup users who are new to heated curlers (or who have a little bit of experience) who might be nervous about using a heated eyelash curler for the first time, and prefer the squeezable design.

The Acavado Heated Eyelash Curler 

The Acavado’s Heated Eyelash Curler is a heavy-duty curler, designed to offer a lot of control and some serious heat, so it could be a good option for—well, for everyone (we think it’s a great model), but especially to those who have coarser / thicker eyelashes.

Acavado designed it with four heat settings, starting at 65 degrees Celsius (149 degrees Fahrenheit), going up to 75 degrees Celsius (167 degrees Fahrenheit), then 85 degrees Celsius (185 degrees Fahrenheit), and finally to full power at 95 degrees Celsius (203 degrees Fahrenheit). That’s a nice range, with the lower setting being pretty gentle, but the higher settings provide some serious heat. The temperature itself can be changed with just a press of the ON button, and we like that the display on the front that tells you exactly what the temperature is—a lot of other heated eyelash curlers don’t have that functionality, and without it you don’t really know how hot the curler actually is.

Recommended for: everyone, but especially those who have coarse eyelashes.

The Hitachi EYE CRiE Heated Eyelash Curler

The Hitachi EYE CRiE Heated Eyelash Curler is, in our opinion, one of the best heated eyelash curlers with a squeezable mechanism. The company that produces it, Hitachi, is a well-known Japanese brand that makes all kinds of electric equipment, and they have a reputation for making high-quality tools.

Squeezable heated eyelash curlers tend to work well with medium-length to long eyelashes, so this may be a good option if you’re longer-lashed. The design is pretty clever, too—Hitachi manufactured it so that the heating button is totally separate from the squeeze button, which allows users to turn it on and then set it aside to heat up, while applying mascara. So, maybe not a great option if you get easily distracted and walk away from your makeup vanity, but a great option because you get let it get warmed up while you continue your makeup routine.

Lastly—while we recognize this isn’t the most important thing in the world, but we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t important to us—we like the look of it! It’s sleek, streamlined, and clean-looking. If you’re someone who loves the look of cosmetic equipment, this may be a nice addition to your set.

Recommended for: those with medium and long eyelashes of all experience levels.

Heated Eyelash Curler Vs. Regular Eyelash Curler

There are many ways to enhance the look of your lashes, from serums (like Babe Lash—see our review), to volumizing products. If you’re new to heated eyelash curlers, the following sections are for you, and we’ll de-mystify some of the words and terms you may have read in the reviews above.

You probably recognize “regular,” non-heated eyelash curlers. They look like this:

Heated eyelash curlers are a bit different. First off—obviously—they’re heated, either by battery or by charge. Most look like little combs with the heating implement at the base, while others (like the Hitachi and the Panasonic, above) have a more streamlined, linear head that goes over your entire set of eyelashes, like a non-heated curler.

Most heated curlers are meant to be used after mascara has already been applied to the lashes, and as they warm up both the lashes and mascara, they lift and reshape the lashes and mold the mascara around them, leading to a very long-lasting effect. And, while they’re primary purpose is to curl the lashes, they’re also excellent for lifting the lashes, and they can separate them a little bit, which can be very helpful if your mascara of choice gets clumpy.

Because of their shape, heated eyelash curlers are often better for those who have shorter eyelashes or slightly protruding eyelids, since they don’t clamp down over the lashes so skin doesn’t usually get caught in between them. In those instances, the lifting effect of the heated eyelash curler often has nicer results than the bending effect of a regular one, since they can lift eyelashes at any length (including very short ones).

Regular eyelash curlers, on the other hand, work by essentially crimping the lashes into a bend. With regular eyelash curlers, you place your eyelashes between the curved top and bottom parts which then come together and squeeze your lashes. They don’t always work so well on short lashes, but when used correctly on medium and long eyelashes, then can give a real curve to the lash fibers and enhance an eye makeup look. If you use them incorrectly, however, you can end up with just a single, severe bend to your lash, which can look pretty odd.

One thing to remember—and many people get this wrong—is that regular curlers vs. heated curlers is not an “either/or” situation. If you want your lashes to have both extreme lift and curl, you can first crimp them with a regular eyelash curler, apply your mascara, and then give them extra lift and increase the mascara’s hold with the heated eyelash curler. Nice!

Features to Look for in a Heated Eyelash Curler

Not all heated eyelash curlers are the same, so it can help to have some of their key features in mind when choosing the best heated eyelash curler for your routine. In our experience, there are two main features to keep in mind, and in terms of performance, the first is more important:

Heated Eyelash Curler Shape

There are two main types of shapes you will see heated eyelash curlers come in.

The first, and most common, is the wand-shaped heated eyelash curler. These are the eyelash curlers that look a little bit like combs, which are best used after mascara in order to give the lashes an extra lift. Under the comb, there is a heated coil that emanates heat but doesn’t come into contact with the eyelashes. The heat helps manipulate the lashes and move them while also melting the mascara a bit and then reshaping it into a more lifted, curled shape. These eyelash curlers work with all types of eyelashes, and one of their big benefits is that they can be used again throughout the day to reinforce the curl.

The second type of heated eyelash curler actually works a lot like a traditional eyelash curler, with a top and bottom part that clamp together to squeeze the lashes into a more curved shape. With these heated eyelash curlers, the heated element heats up the silicone on the bottom part of the curler, which encourages the lashes to bend more quickly and thoroughly. These heated eyelash curlers often give a more dramatic “curved” shape to the lashes and are best used before mascara. Their main drawback, just like with regular eyelash curlers, is that they can pinch the skin if used incorrectly and like regular, non-heated curlers, they don’t always grab shorter eyelashes adequately.

Intensity of Heat

Heated curlers either feature a single heat setting or a range of heat settings, with your more “basic” models having a single setting, and your more “high-end” options have a range of heat settings. Here’s how it plays out:

Single settings usually do the trick for thin- to medium-thickness lashes. The companies that make heated curlers with one setting give it a “one-size-fits-all” approach, and unless your lashes are seriously thick, a single setting can be all you need.

If, however, you’ve got very thick lashes, a range of heat settings—including higher heat settings—can be helpful, because they can give a little more “oomph” to your lashes, and you may find that you have more control over their appearance.

The heat functions usually range from 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) to 95 degrees Celsius (203 degrees Fahrenheit), and many models have a pre-set temperature settings, so you can choose 45 C or 55 C or 65 C, and so on.

Another helpful feature related to heat is a display panel that shows you how hot the device actually is at any given moment. Not all heated curlers have that feature, and it’s a nice little perk we like to see.

Heated Eyelash Curler Power Sources

It’s always good to consider how you’re going to power up your heated eyelash curler. Many heated eyelash curlers require AAA batteries to power them (and the battery may not always be included with the purchase, so keep that in mind—it can be somewhat disappointing to finally get a new toy, and then find out you won’t be able to use it because you don’t have batteries!). It’s important to know that heated eyelash curlers can use up the battery even when they’re not on, which is why we recommend only putting the battery in right before you need to use them. Battery-powered heated eyelash curlers do have their benefits, however, since they can be more portable—that’s a great thing, if you get ready away from your makeup desk, or if you like to give your lashes some touch-ups throughout the day.

The alternative are USB-powered heated eyelash curlers. They can be plugged into your phone charger or even charged through your computer, and it can be a more eco-friendly way of powering the curler… and also more convenient, since it seems like everyone owns a phone charger!

How to Use a Heated Eyelash Curler

It’s not all about having the best heated eyelash curler—you have to know how to use it! Here’s our un-official how-to guide on how to use each style of heated eyelash curler. As always, you’ll want to check your product’s directions, but here are some things we’ve learned over the years:

How to Use a Wand Heated Eyelash Curler

Start by setting up your wand, and if necessary, giving it time to heat up. Some models take longer than others to heat up, so get to know your model, and figure out a way to include heating-up time into your routine. Make sure it is fully charged or that it has a working battery in it, and then press the button to allow it to heat up;

By the way, if your heated eyelash curler is battery-operated, we suggest taking the battery out when it is not in use because it can use up power even when it’s turned off;

The biggest error people make with wand-shape heated eyelash curlers is that they try to use them before applying mascara. While the eyelash curler might help lightly lift the lashes when they are bare, it is not even close to the effects it’ll have after mascara has been used;

With that being said, apply two or three coats of mascara. Our biggest tip when it comes to mascara application is to start as close to the lash line as possible, and then wiggle the wand to make sure the bristles really get in between the lashes. Then, continue wiggling the mascara back and forth slightly while pulling it upwards—this is how you can get your lashes look volumize and separated;

Once the mascara is mostly dry, you can start curling your eyelashes! Make sure your eyelash curler has heated up adequately, but that it’s not burning hot;

If your eyelash curler has multiple heat settings, start with the lowest setting and only turn up the heat if you don’t get enough of a curl;

Bring the heated eyelash curler close to your lash line, so it comes in contact with your lashes from below. Wiggle it a bit, just like you did your mascara wand, to get the teeth of the comb in between the lashes, and then gently use it to tilt your lashes upwards towards your eyelid;

Hold the eyelash curler so that your lashes are bent back towards your eyelid for about 10 seconds, or as directed on the packaging of your eyelash curler;

Next, pull your eyelash curler up a little so that it’s still in contact with your lashes but a little further from the lash line, and use it to push the lashes back a little more. Hold it in place like that for 10 more seconds;

Repeat the curling process again on the eyelashes closer to the inner and outer lash line, starting close to the lash line and then again a little further up. And finally…

Once you’re happy with the results, move on to the second eye!

How to Use a Squeezable Heated Eyelash Curlers

Make sure your heated eyelash curler has a battery in it—unfortunately, many squeezable heated eyelash curlers are battery-operated, so it’s good to always have batteries on hand;

Apply most of your eye makeup, except for mascara;

Turn on your eyelash curler so it has a few seconds to heat up. With some eyelash curlers, the heating component only works while the clamp is squeezed shut, so you might want to press down on it for a bit to get it to start heating up;

Fit the eyelash curler over your lashes, so that the hairs slide in between the top and bottom parts of the clamp;

Use the top part as your guide, and have it come into contact with your lashes as close to the lash line as possible without actually touching it. This way, you can make sure that your skin doesn’t get caught in the eyelash curler;

Once you’re happy with the positioning of the eyelash curler, squeeze the top and bottom parts together, and hold it down for about 5-10 seconds;

Once the time passes, partially unsqueeze the heated eyelash curler, and shimmy it up a little bit so it’s a touch further from your lash line, and then squeeze it down again. This will ensure that your lashes look curled rather than crimped;

Unsqueeze it one more time, shimmy it up a little further if your lashes are long enough, and then squeeze one final time;

Once you’re done, give your lashes another look—chances are you will have missed a few of the lashes near the outer corner of the lash line, so angle the heated eyelash curler to fit it over that outer third of the lash line, and repeat the process;

Once you’re happy with how your eyelashes look on one eye, apply a few coats of mascara to seal in that curl. We suggest wiggling the mascara wand while applying it in order to thoroughly separate and coat the lashes;

Once you’re happy with how your lashes look, move on to the second eye! And finally…

When you’re done, take the battery out of the heated eyelash curler in order to conserve it. You can now use a wand-style heated eyelash curler to achieve an even more impressive effect.

Heated Eyelash Curler Safety—What You Should Know

The notion of using a heated tool near the eyes is a little concerning, to say the least, but heated eyelash curlers are pretty safe for the most part. They don’t get hot enough to burn or singe the lashes, and the actual heated element never comes into contact with your lashes or skin since it is covered by the plastic comb or silicone.

If you are a little nervous about getting burned by your heated eyelash curler, you can take the following safety measures: always check it against your finger before using it near your eyes, and always start out with the lowest heat setting. This way, you will be readily reassured that it’s not too hot.

The most frequent issue people run into with heated eyelash curlers is that their eyes tear up a little bit, both because of the heat as well as just because it requires the user to keep their eyes open without blinking for 10 seconds or longer. The eyes usually return to normal after a few minutes.

Curl Away!

Thanks for reading. We’ve found that makeup lovers—even some very experienced makeup lovers—don’t really know that much about heated eye curlers, and some others are just a little intimidated by them. That’s a shame, because they can be a fun part of a makeup routine, and when used correctly, they can bestow a lot of definition and volume to lashes. If you decide to give them a go, we wish you all the best!

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