Welcome to MakeupArtistEssentials.com! If you want to become a makeup artist, or if you're simply looking for some advice on how to look more amazing than you already look, you're in the right place. We have:

  • Career advice on how to become a makeup artist and how to build your portfolio;
  • Product reviews, tips, and tutorials---both for future makeup artists, and for people who simply want to learn more about makeup;
  • Interviews with MUAs who are living the dream;
  • Practical guidance on how to build a professional network, market yourself, and develop your business skills; and, finally
  • A bunch of ridiculous posts that I've written to entertain myself.


I started MakeupArtistEssentials.com as a kind of exploration. I wanted to know what it would take to start a career as a MUA, but I didn't know where to look. There were thousands of makeup blogs and beauty sites, but there were no sites that were dedicated to starting a makeup career. Someone needed to make a site about makeup careers, and I figured---I can do that!

(That's pretty much my attitude for absolutely everything---I can do that. Those are my favorite words in the English language, and I repeat them a lot. The more you read around here, the more you'll find yourself saying them.)

If I can be a part of your dream coming true, that would make me positively thrilled.


MUA Essentials is growing into so much more than a MUA career site---it's becoming a community of people who are passionate about makeup to share ideas and visions and hopes for the future. And I love that.

We update the site frequently with makeup tutorials, new techniques, and reviews of never-seen-before products. New content! All the time! So sign up for updates HERE. If you don't, you won't know the new and fabulous things we're talking about, and that would be sad.


Some fun facts about me:

  • I loooove to travel, and I've been to France, Italy, Switzerland, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico; my dream spots are Tokyo, Buenos Aires, and Madrid
  • ​I have---and wish I didn't have---a terrible sweet tooth, and I will eat absolutely anything with sugar in it
  • My earlobes are different sizes and I'm both totally embarrassed about it and totally proud of it
  • One of my most recent favorite makeup artists (and there are dozens) is Annamarie Tendler. I love that she can do fashion from different eras---creative, original, and totally fun
  • Another favorite: Karla Powell---bold, creative, and with STUNNING colors
  • My partner and I live in Brooklyn, New York
  • I have a couple of other websites, but this one is my favorite : )


I love makeup. In all its forms. Fashion, avant-garde, fantasy---I love it all.

I think about this a lot: makeup in not a transformation. It's not an exaggeration of features that are already there. Makeup is much more than that:

It's a revelation. It allows you to reveal what's already there, and share it with the world.

That's why I think makeup is so magical: it brings out that aspect of us that is there, but is sometimes hidden.


I love makeup, but you know what else? I love helping people. I love knowing that this site has enabled someone to following their dreams (or to simply look magnificent!).

I didn't know that when I first started creating this site, but I realized it pretty quickly. Helping other people meet their dreams is a pretty wonderful experience, and this blog lets me do that.


I want you to follow your dreams! I want you to live a life that is overflowing with joy and self-confidence and direction and all those good things that sometimes seem out of reach. If you're addicted to makeup, share that love with the world! And---share it with us! I (and the other makeup lovers who write for us) looooove comments, and we want to hear what's on your mind.


Thanks for stopping by! Come back as often as you like : )