The Best Makeup Organizer: Our Picks

If you have a makeup obsession (check), and you have an "organizing things" obsession (check), then you are going to love, love, love makeup organizers. They're gorgeous, they're a huge time saver, and oh my goodness, when you have a full drawer of makeup that opens smoothly, it is deeply, deeply satisfying.

There is a LOT here---we tend to overdo it, like, every time we write a post---but hopefully our reviews below will help you find the right product. It actually took us a long time to track down all these products; there are a LOT of makeup organizers out there!

Luckily---there are some really good ones out there, too! You just need to know where to look. So here are our choices for the best makeup organizer. We'll start with a chart, let you know what you should look for, and then we'll review each type of organizer and present our best picks.

Features to Think about When Buying an Organizer​

It's kind of nice---there are SOOOOO many options when it comes to choosing a specific kind of makeup, but choosing an organizer isn't that difficult! There are only four or five features that you really need to consider when you're choosing a model. They are:​

  • Type. There are a couple different styles of organizer, and we discuss each one in the next section. Each one is good for a specific function.
  • ​Material. Basically, you've got two options: acrylic or wood. Wood is nice, but it's kind of rare---we've looked at over 100 models, and about 95% of them are acrylic. The reason why acrylic is so popular is because it resembles glass, but it's way sturdier, and it lasts forever.
  • Storage. How big is your makeup collection? Some types of organizers are better for small collections, and some are better for larger collections. We'll discuss each type below to help you choose.
  • Size. How much room do you have for the actual organizer itself? If you've got a makeup table or vanity, you probably have plenty of room for an organizer; if you do your makeup in a bathroom, you might want to consider smaller versions.
  • Mirror. This isn't a feature, really, but we thought we'd mention it--if you do get a makeup organizer, where will it go in relation to your mirror? Something to keep in mind

Types of Organizers

You've got a couple different options when it comes to choosing an organizer: you can choose a lie-flat organizer, a tower with drawers, a hybrid that's both a tower AND a lie-flat organizer, a rotating stand, or an over-the-door makeup organizer.

Here's a quick discussion of each type of organizer, with a few notes about which type is right for you.​

  • Tall Organizer Towers with Drawers. These are the most popular type of organizer, and they're what people typically think of when they hear the term "makeup organizer." These tend to look like cubes or rectangles, and they're a little bit larger than lie-flat tabletop organizers. If you've got a medium-to-large makeup collection, these are usually what you're looking for.
  • ​Lie-Flat Tabletop Organizers. These are usually smaller models that are good for people with small-to-medium sized makeup collections. They fit on most tabletops or vanities, and most of them do not have drawers for storing various items. They usually have room for makeup brushes, which is nice. If you're new to makeup or have a manageable collection, this might be the best option for you.
  • Hybrids: Towers with a Lie-Flat Unit on Top. These are the best of both worlds: they're a tall storage unit with drawers, with a tabletop organizer on top. They're good for medium-to-large makeup collections, and the main benefit of these is that you have a place to store your brushes.
  • ​Rotating Carousel Stands. These are a little less popular, but some people absolutely adore them. These are tall organizers that swivel around, and have storage space for a lot of different types of makeup. They're great for small-to-medium-to-large collections, but some rotating organizers can actually hold a lot of products. They’re a great space-saver, if you don't have a lot of room on your makeup table.
  • Over the Door Makeup Organizers. Most people don't use these, but we thought we'd include one model just because most people don't know about them. These are much larger and store a ton of makeup, and they're a great option if you like to stand while you do your makeup. Their one big drawback is that you need to install them on the door, and we'll talk about that below.

Makeup Towers with Drawers

We'll start with these, as they're the most popular option. As you'll see, the best part about these organizers are their size and the drawers they come with.

Sorbus Acrylic Cosmetics, Makeup, and Jewelry Storage Case​

Dimensions: 11.25 inches high x 9.5 inches wide x 6.25 inches deep

This is, perhaps, one of the most popular makeup organizers you'll find. It has four large drawers and two smaller ones at the top, with plenty of space for keeping foundations, primers, blushes, bronzers, and so on. Each drawer has a removable mesh padding at the bottom that protects cosmetics items and keeps them from sliding around too much. Perhaps the nicest feature are the rounded edges: most organizers have sharp corners, but this model has smooth edges, giving it a gentler look and feel. 

Langforth Beauty Cube Handmade Cosmetic Box​

Dimensions: 11.8 inches high x 11.8 wide x 7.8 inches deep

The first fantastic thing about this organizer is that there are four different drawers, and each drawer is a different height: the top drawer is great for smaller items like lipsticks, mascaras, and eyeliners; the second and third drawer are perfect for primers, palettes, and powders; and the bottom drawer is perfect for any larger items you have in your collection.

The second fantastic thing about this model is that each drawer has a divider inside of it, so you can further organizer your products by makeup type, the different cosmetic companies, or any kind of category you like.

​Whitmor 5-Tier Cosmetic Organizer

Dimensions: 12 inches high x 12 inches wide x 9.5 inches deep

This has four generously-sized drawers, but the best feature about this model is the flip-up lid on the toppermost tier (you can take a look at the photo, if that last sentence was confusing!). If you have makeup items that can fit in drawers (brushes, for example), you can lift open the hatch and add those items in the top tier.

This also has clear dividers that you can buy, and those can be VERY helpful. Most organizers don't feature those, and we can't figure out why they don't, because a simple divider makes a drawer even more organized.

Beautify 8-Tier Clear Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Cube Organizer​

Dimensions: 20.5 inches high x 12.2 inches wide x 20.5 inches deep

This is a more serious-looking model---it's very, very tall---and it can store a LOT of makeup: it has seven drawers for cosmetics products and a flip-up panel on the top that you can use as a drawer or a kind of shelf to place brushes, eyebrow pencils, and similar items. It's a little more business-like, and it's a great option if you're a makeup artist with a professional makeup studio.

If you're in love with this model but you're not game for the eight-tier model, there's a six-tier option that's a little less intimidating.

Lie-Flat Tabletop Organizers​

Lie-flat models are a little smaller than the organizers that have drawers, but they still provide a great way to neaten your makeup area and make sense of the products you own.

They're perfect for people who are just starting out in makeup, and they're also a good match for people who have limited time in the morning for an entire makeup routine. So if you're a "foundation and concealer and eyeshadow and then go" type of person, you might find something you like here.

Cosmetic Storage and Makeup Palette Organizer​

Dimensions: 4.5 inches high x 8.5 inches long x 6.25 inches deep

This is definitely one of the smallest organizers on our list. If you're a "no fuss, no muss" type of gal, then you'll love it. It's got room for one or two lipsticks, one or two palettes, one or two foundations, and one or two brushes, and a couple of other small items. There are no drawers and no special features, and that's what's so great about this one: it keeps things simple.

If you have a small makeup collection, this is a great bet.

Large Capacity Cosmetic Storage and Organizer​

Dimensions: 4.5 inches high x 15 inches long x 8.75 inches deep

This tabletop organizer is a bigger version of the last one, and it's for small-to-medium makeup collections. It has room for a couple different lipsticks, mascaras, eyeshadows, and so on, and even has room for a few brushes (which is something a lot of towers don't have, surprisingly).

It has an arched display, which is esthetically pleasing, and it's more long than it is tall. For some people, that's the best feature (because not everyone likes those tall cubes that seem like they're going to fall over) and this has a really classic look.

​PIXNOR Makeup Organizer

Dimensions: 6.8 inches high x 12.8 inches long x 7.8 inches deep

This one looks a little like the other ones in the "lie flat" category, but it has two small drawers, so *technically* it should be in the hybrid section below. But because it's appropriate for small-to-medium sized collections, we'll keep it here.

This is another great option, because it doesn't take up too much space but it can actually hold a lot of makeup. PLUS it has room for brushes, which---if you're a brush hoarder, like we are---is a fantastic feature. It has beveled corners, too, which is not super-important, but a nice little detail---a lot of the taller models have sharp corners, and that can look kind of severe.

Hybrids: Tall Organizers with Drawers and Vertical Space​

So we've talked about the tall towers that have drawers, and we've talked about the organizers that lie flat on your makeup counter; now we'll talk about hybrids.

These are organizers that have the best of both worlds: they are tall like towers and have multiple drawers, but there’s also an organizing system on TOP of the drawers, that allows you to use the vertical space above the organizer.

These are great for medium-to-large makeup collections. They usually have space for moisturizers and primers and foundations and blushes and bronzers and eye makeup, AND they usually have space on top for brushes. These are great options if you're looking to make the most of the space you have.

Unique Jewelry and Cosmetic Organizer​

Dimensions: 7.25 inches high x 9.5 inches wide x 5 inches deep

This guy is one of the smaller hybrid organizers we've reviewed. It's got four drawers---two big ones and two small ones---and each drawer has mesh on the bottom to keep your makeup items from rolling around and crashing into each other. It's got plenty of space on top for lipsticks, mascaras, and nail polishes, and one larger container area for any pots or jars you want to keep.

The best part about this model is that there are different sizes available. We've listed the four-drawer model, but there are larger models that have a LOT more drawers.

Sorbus Stackable and Interchangeable Makeup Storage Case​

Dimensions: 11.75 inches high x 11.75 inches wide x 6.75 inches deep

This is another one of those models where you can fit a LOT more than you think you can. You can store your taller items on top, and use the many drawers beneath it to stow smaller items and vials. There are actually a LOT of drawers on this one---six in all---but the best feature on this one is that the model is actually three separate pieces, so you can stack the drawers any way you like. And, if you want to buy more drawers and add them to the model, you can do so.

Organizta Chic Box​

Dimensions: 10 inches high x 10.5 inches wide x 7.5 inches deep

This is another model that allows you to store a lot of different-sized makeup items: on the bottom drawer, you've got room for larger palettes; the middle drawers have room for bronzers, blushes, contours, and highlights; and the open area on the top of the organizer has space for brushes, lipsticks, tall pencils, and eyeliners.​

Rotating Makeup Stands​

It's kind of surprising that spinning makeup organizers aren't as popular as the acrylic ones---rotating makeup stands take up less space and actually store more makeup products. Perhaps they'll become popular again in the future? That's our bet.

There are two spinning makeup stands that we like, and they are:

Nifty Cosmetic Organizing Carousel​

Dimensions: 8.1 inches high x 9 inches in diameter

This has six bins for makeup and skincare supplies, and comes in a bunch of different colors. It's sturdy and it doesn't take up too much space. It's good for a smaller makeup collection, so if you're looking for something a little larger, you might like the...

N2 Makeup Co Spinning Makeup Organizer

This thing is a PALACE and we're in love with it. It has 72 lipstick slots (72!), room for 16 powder cases, and brush holders on the side that can also store pencils. It's sleek and stylish and it stores so so much!​

It rotates 360 degrees, giving you access to whatever you want whenever you need it, and it doesn't take up much space, when you think about how much storage space it provides. It's acrylic, which means it'll last forever, and its lipstick holders are tilted slightly upwards, so they won't fly out when you spin it. That's a nice touch.

If you're in it for a carousel-style organizer, THIS is model that will make your friends jealous. It's gorgeous and we're hoping it comes back into style.​

Over the Door Makeup Organizers​

If you have no counter space, this can be a perfect option for you. Instead of organizing your makeup on a vanity or table, you store everything vertically in a space behind a door. It's almost like a makeup cupboard. There is a LOT of space, so if you're makeup collection is going to grow, this can be a great option.

The only downside to an over-the-door makeup organizer is that you'll need to install it. So if you're not handy, that means you might need to recruit a friend / boyfriend / girlfriend / neighbor / etc. to set it up for you.

This is definitely not for everybody, but some people absolutely love it, and it's another one of those options that people don't seem to know about, so we included it.

We Hope This Helps!​

There are literally hundreds of organizers out there, and these are among the ones we think are the best. If you have any questions, drop us a line below and we'll get back to you!​

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