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There's something impermanent about makeup: every day it goes on, every day it comes off. Eyeliner runs, mascara dries in the bottle, and pressed powder seems to run out as soon as you buy it. Fashions change and new items become popular. Makeup is always changing, and there's always something new to think about.

That's why there's something very glamorous, very refined, and very permanent about having a vanity. It's a place you go to every day, reliably, to spend time with yourself. It's a space that's your and yours alone, where you stop what you're doing and fully focus on yourself and how you want to look for the day. It's a place to center your thoughts, feel peaceful, and hopefully, when you're about finished, say to yourself, "I look amazing."

If you're buying a makeup vanity, it's a purchase that you'll use every day, and it'll never run out. It's a meaningful decision, so we want you to choose something that makes you feel fantastic.

We've gone through hundreds of models to try and find the best makeup vanity for you, and the models below are our top picks.

What to Look For​ When Purchasing a Makeup Tabletop

Before we get started, let's take a look at some of the things you'll need to think about when you're buying a vanity. It's a purchase that you'll use every day, so you'll want to choose wisely.

  • ​What Style Does it for You? There are a LOT of different types of vanities you can choose from! We've narrowed it down to a few different types: we've listed models with square mirrors, tri-fold mirrors, round mirrors, a "refined" look, classic models, models with a wire frame, "boxy" or angular models (these are actually beautiful!), and wooden models.
  • How Much Space Do You Have for the Vanity? This is a big one. Whatever vanity you buy, you want to make sure it's going to fit in your bedroom, or whatever room you choose to put it in! It's a shame to buy something and then find that you have to send a model back because you couldn't fit it in your living space.
  • Is There a Shipping Cost? When you buy a model online, they *may* be shipping costs associated with the purchase. When you're looking at a model, be sure to notice the shipping cost, and make sure it's something you can afford.
  • Is the Item on Sale? There are some fantastic sales on makeup vanities, so be on the lookout!

These are all important aspects of your purchase, but the most useful question to ask is, "Do I love the way this vanity looks?" It's a matter of taste, really, and you want to find something that makes you feel comfortable, glamorous, and beautiful. If you can picture yourself sitting happily at a particular makeup table, check to see if the price and size are right---and you're good to go!

Our Favorite Makeup Vanities​

Here are the vanities and makeup tables we love most. Take your time looking through them, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in our "Comments" section below!

Vanities with Square Mirrors​

The type of mirror on your vanity is important, and they usually come in one of three styles: square, round, or tri-fold. Let's take a look at the square mirrors:

Vanity Set in Espresso Finish

Dimensions: 50 inches tall x 28 inches side-to-side x 16 inches front-to-back

This model is simple, streamlined, and efficient. It features a single square mirror, a pull-out drawer to store primer, foundations, blushes, bronzers, and/or brushes, and a rectangular cushioned bench. The mirror is large and tilts back and forth, and that can be a huge plus if you're applying eyeliner or eyeshadow. It's usually available in two colors---mocha and white---and it has a decent amount of surface space to place cosmetics items or a few personal touches.

If you're new to makeup, this is a fantastic option. There's not a ton of room, but it's slender and compact. It makes a great gift for someone who is looking for a makeup table but who doesn't have much space. There's some assembly required, but it's not that difficult---if you've ever had to put something from IKEA together, this shouldn't be a problem.

Home Furnishing Stool Set & Vanity

Dimensions: 51 inches tall x 31 inches side-to-side x 16 inches front-to-back​

This model is, far-and-away, one of our favorites.

It has three mirrors, which is a huge plus, because you can see your face from different angles. There's a pull-out drawer in the center, which---although it's huge---is big enough to store a few makeup products and skin care essentials. The mirror tilts back and forth (which is fantastic, because not all vanities have mirrors that lean forward and backward), and usually comes in two colors: soft white and espresso.

Perhaps the best feature is the height of the three mirrors. Very often, the mirrors on vanities are very small or rounded---and while some people love that style of mirror---others find it difficult to work with. The tall mirrors reveal more of your face and neck and shoulders, and if you've ever had difficulty matching the color tones of your cheeks and face to your jawline and neck, tall mirrors are a great thing to have. (By the way, if you like rounded mirrors, we review some of your best options in one of the upcoming sections. Remember---you have to find what works for you!).

This is another model that requires some assembly, but it's not the difficult. And, of course, if you aren't at all handy, you can get a roommate / friend / boyfriend / girlfriend / spouse to put it together!

This is worth repeating---this is a GREAT option, and it may be the best makeup vanity on our list. We've looked at dozens of models, and we couldn't find any other models that had large mirrors, a table that's 30+ inches from side to side, and a comfortable bench.

Coaster Home Contemporary Vanity

Dimensions: 58.5 inches tall x 31.5 inches side-to-side x 15.8 inches front-to-back

Remember how we just said that it's nice when you have a full-length mirror on your makeup table? Well, this might be the biggest mirror on our list. It's big, it's beautiful, and it opens cabinet-style and allows you to store makeup items inside. Wonderful!

There's a lot of room inside the pull-out drawer, and it comes with a divider---super-helpful---so you can organize makeup products and store them efficiently. Plus, the bench itself has a flip-top, so you can add some larger or taller items (such as brushes) there, as well.

Our favorite feature about the Coaster Contemporary Vanity is that you can add lights to it, and make believe you're the star in a Broadway play. They're sold separately, so you'd have to assemble it yourself, or get someone else to do it for you.​

Note: Speaking of lights---the vanities in this list don't have lights on them, but you can look for lighted makeup mirrors here. Another note---we'll review vanities with lights in another post.

With Triple-Pane Mirrors​

As we mentioned in the last section, the mirrors that come with your vanity are a matter of personal preference. For a lot of people, tri-fold mirrors are a fantastic option, because you can see more of your face, neck, and shoulders. Models that have triple-pain mirrors are a little pricier, but they have a very classic, sophisticated look.

There's not a lot of variety in vanities with a triple-pane mirror, so we've included our absolute favorite:

St. Croix Collection Vanity

Dimensions: 54 inches tall x 43 inches side-to-side x 19 inches front-to-back

This is a gorgeous model, and one of the best features about it is the storage space: it has five drawers---a shallow center drawer, and two draws of each side---and a gracefully rounded cushion bench that fits beneath the table when you're done using it.

Perhaps the best feature of the St. Croix Collection model is that it has a tremendous amount of tabletop space. A lot vanities have 30 inches or less of tabletop space, and this has 43 inches---that's more than 3-and-a-half feet of space for whatever items you'll like to arrange. If you want to keep a lot of makeups at the ready---that is, if you want to leave them on the tabletop so you can dive right into your routine every morning---this is a great model for you.

There are a lot of vanities that seem like accessories, but this is more of a furniture piece. It's heavy---84 pounds!---and it's a lot more sturdy than many of the other pieces on our list. In other words, this is more of an investment, and it'll last you a long time!

Models with Round Mirrors

If you close your eyes and think of the "classic" vanity, you'll probably imagine one with a round mirror. They are the eternally-fashionable fashion piece, and they're instantly recognizable as a time-honored beauty item.

Here are a few of our favorites vanities that have round mirrors:

Home Furnishing 3-Piece Vanity Set

Dimensions: 49.2 inches tall x 29.7 inches side-to-side x 17.9 inches front-to-back

This is a great "starter" mirror if you're new to makeup (or know someone who is!). It's elegant and simple: it has a perfectly rounded mirror, a single drawer for items and supplies, and a backstop so that nothing falls behind it (a pet peeve of almost everyone!). It's roomy enough for adults, but it's small enough so that people with smaller frames can use it comfortably. This is a GREAT option if you want to give a makeup vanity as a gift.

One other advantage of this model: it's a bit on the petite side, so if space is an issue, this might be a good choice. If you live in the city or have an apartment and don't have room for a full vanity, a smaller model like this one may make sense. Just be certain to measure the area where you'll position the piece before you order it!

If you're looking for a slightly-fancier model, you can take a look at the Roundhill Ribbon model  (dimensions: 58.5 inches tall x 30 inches side-to-side x 15.5 inches front-to-back). It's got a little more storage space, a slightly more elegant look, and a molded mirror.

Tribesigns Makeup Vanity Tablet Set

Dimensions: 56.7 inches tall x 35.4 inches side-to-side x 15.8 inches front-to-back

There are a lot of mocha-colored or espresso-colored or amber-colored vanities to choose from, but there are very few that are solid black. The Tribesigns Wood Vanity is a great option if you're looking for a black vanity, and, of course, you can usually buy it in white, too.

This one has a LOT of storage space, so if you have a lot of makeup items, this can be a great option. There are five drawers in the table itself---one in the center, and two on both sides---and two small drawers on the tabletop. And---this is lovely---you're able to place items on the two small drawers on the tabletop, so that's even more space. While the truth is that if you're a true makeup junkie, you'll never have enough space for all your products---this is still pretty good.​

As with a lot of rounded-mirror vanities, there are a lot of classic details on this model. There's a floral design at the head of the mirror, rounded molding on the mirror stands, and carved rose petals on each of the drawers. It's a beautiful model, and one that is consistently fashionable.

If You're Looking for Something a Little More Refined...​

Naples Vanity Table

Dimensions: 57 inches tall x 46 inches side-to-side x 19 inches front-to-back

This is a "best of both worlds"-type makeup table: it's modern but warm-looking; it has a large rectangular mirror that rotates backwards and forwards; and it has subtle curves at the top of the mirror and the bottoms of the legs. And while it has limited storage space (two side drawers and a shallow drawer in the middle), it has a LOT of tabletop space.

Because this is such a wide model---it's almost four feet from the left side to the right side---if you have one or two small makeup organizers you want to keep on the tabletop, this could be a great option for you.

It's important to note that many of the vanities on our list come with benches, but this one does not. If you opt for this one, you'll need to buy a seat separately.​

Oh My Goodness, Just Gorgeous---A Classic Design​

Dimensions: 60.2 inches tall x 39.8 inches side-to-side x 17.3 inches front-to-back

If we had to choose ONE model that we'd keep for the rest of our lives, this would be it. This is a gorgeous piece of art that just happens to be a makeup vanity.

The Tribesigns French Ivory Vanity has:​

  • Tri-fold mirrors to view all sides of your face, neck, and shoulders;
  • Rose sculptures at the top of the mirror, the center of the middle drawer, and on the front and back of the bench;
  • Curved legs on both the desk and chair;
  • Five drawers for storage: three underneath the tabletop, and two on the table itself;
  • A curved tabletop (as opposed to most of the rectangular tabletops we see on many other models); and
  • Engraved drawer handles that are curved upward and seem to be smiling at you.

Oh my goodness, just beautiful.

Wrought Iron

Coaster Vanity in Black

Dimensions: 55 inches tall x 30.2 inches side-to-side x 15 inches front-to-back

This one is unlike any of the other models we've included. It's black wrought iron, and has more of a "stately" look. Despite its one-of-a-kind design---it's the only wrought iron vanity we found, over the course of hours of research---it's actually kind of flexible: if you're up for a goth feel, this is a great choice; if you have an art nouveau sensibility, this would fit; and if you're simply a fan of minimalist design, this is something you'd probably be drawn to.

The best part about this one is actually kind of hidden. Because the countertop is glass---and because there are two counter-tops---you actually have double the tabletop space. Kind of brilliant, right? You can stash primer and foundations and pressed/loose powders on the bottom tabletop, and keep brushes, eyebrow pencils, etc. on the top shelf.

The set comes with a padded rectangular bench, a rectangular mirror (have you gotten the idea yet that we're in love with rectangular mirrors?), and---this is actually our favorite aspect of this vanity---iron hearts at the top of the mirror, the sides of the table, and the back of the bench.


International Concepts Unfinished Vanity Table

Dimensions: 40.2 inches tall x 31.5 inches side-to-side x 17.1 inches front-to-back

This is another favorite. It's funky and fun and unlike most of the other vanities available to buy. It has:

  • A flip-up mirror so the vanity can transfer back into a work desk or dresser top;
  • Two deep drawers with red felt lining;
  • A storage box underneath the tabletop, where you can stow your cosmetics when you're not using them; and
  • Grained wood, that gives it a natural look.

Perhaps the most interesting feature about this model is that it's not a solid color. Most of the vanities are either full white, coffee-color, black, or that bright brown color of stained wood. This is unique color---the grained wood is something you don't see much of in vanities---and the red felt inside the drawers on the side and the main drawer make it pop. It's the kind of vanity that would look really nice with a vase of flowers on it.

The only downside is that this another vanity that does *not* come with a bench, so you'll need to buy that separately. Something to keep in mind, but it's still a really fantastic model.

Last But Not Least: An Earthy Wooden Model​

Crown Mark Vanity

Dimensions: 50 inches tall x 28 inches side-to-side x 16 inches front-to-back

This type of cherry finish is very popular with a lot of people, and it's easy to see why: it's warm, earthy, and inviting. It's a nice, sleek, petite model, so if you're in a situation where free space is an issue, this can be a nice option. It's got one sliding drawer in the center of the model, and the seat has a beautifully-stitched fabric.

It's also available in an oak color, if cherry isn't for you.

Find the One You Looooooooooooooooove​

There are a TON of vanities out there, so hopefully our list will help you find the one you love! If you have any questions or comments about buying a vanity, please leave them below!​

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